Things are finally coming together for large and small church media systems. On the audio side, the cost of quality digital audio mixing and snakes has come down so far that just about any site can afford to upgrade. On the video side, new multi-channel switcher/scalers are adding new features and lower price levels for seamless crossfades and HD-SDI video production. At the same time, new solutions in HDTV RF technology have dramatically reduced the costs of facility-wide HD video distribution.  There are many reasons HDTV RF is gaining in popularity as a distribution network. First, RF is easy to install and operates on national standards. No proprietary interfaces are needed, any TV can tune in. RF is scalable in all dimensions – add new sources at any time, freely connect any number of TVs, and you can easily branch existing coax runs to extend the network. You don’t have to use digital channels for everything, you can mix in analog channels as well. If you have existing RF coax wiring, all your wire and components are fully compatible with digital HD channels.

The attractive cost/performance ratio of HDTV RF distribution is spurring three key applications in houses of worship:

• Distribute digital signage facility-wide

• Broadcast live High Definition video as HDTV channels

• Incorporate channels from off-air and satellite/cable TV sources

Digital Signage solutions


When it comes to business communication, consumer-grade digital displays just won’t cut it. Consumer displays aren’t built for 24/7 usage, with shorter lifespans and limited warranties that could end up costing you more in the long run. A commercial-grade digital signage solution gives you the durability and flexibility you need to communicate with your customers and employees.

We can help you build a digital signage solution for any industry or application — be it for restaurant menus, interactive retail displays, campus communication or corporate conference rooms


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    Dennis Kulwicki
    President, Snug Harbor Community Assoc. Adams CTY. WI

    We upgraded our private TV cable system serving 65 homes with a SmartBox and selected a great channel package. We had an excellent experience with the Commercial Sales, implementation, installation, support, and service from Star Connection/Lodge Vision.